Frack free families
What can i do?
‘'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.' Dalai Lama.

Switch to a green energy supplier has a list of energy suppliers that do not support fracking (independent green energy suppliers are the best!)

Join your local campaign group...or start your own!

Lists of all the local campaign groups can be found on the BIFF! Fb page and Frack Off  website, KWIFF for Wilts

Write to your representatives

Let your councillers, MP, MEPs know how you feel about fracking.  makes it easy.

Spread the word!

Raise awareness whenever and where ever you can.  Leaflet, organise film showings, public meetings...get inventive!


VERY IMPORTANT!! Get involved in front line activities.  Join protectors at Upton, Dudleston, Borras, Woolston/Thelwall camps

Keyboard warriors required.

There is always work to do researching and responding to consultations.


Nip unconventional gas developments in the bud by objecting to planning applications. Support renewable applications as well!

Lobby MEPs and MPs

Let them know what you think!

Support Clean Energy

Our ticket out of this mess. More on this coming soon...


Of course the main thing we need to do is use less energy and create less mess. More on this coming soon..