Frack free families
The naughty step!

Misdemeanours by the companies we are supposed to trust to implement ‘best practises’.

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Cuadrilla trespassed on private land during geological surveys, and argued with landowners. From  an article in the Guardian newspaper:

‘Between April and June 2012, Cuadrilla used explosives and lorry-mounted ground vibrators to probe the geological layers beneath the surface of its exploration area in Lancashire. Mark Mills, who lives near Lytham St Annes, told the Guardian: "They blanketed the area; it was unbelievable to see." Mills said Cuadrilla operatives repeatedly trespassed into his large garden in May to lay cables and drive in dozens of sensors to make seismic recordings’

Deformation of the well at the Preese Hall site (operated by Cuadrilla) occured due to earth tremors caused by fracking. Instead of immediately reporting the problem once it was discovered, they carried on until a further tremor occured.

From another Guardian article: Charles Hendry, expressed concern that it had not been reported to his officials at the time. He said the "failure" had exposed "weaknesses in Cuadrilla's performance as a licensee". Unsurprisingly Hendry got the boot shortly afterwards.