Frack free families


Frack Off : First stop for fracking information, news, campaign resources & research

Unfrack me: Find an energy supplier that does NOT support fracking

Food Not Fracking: info for farmers

Youtube: The Truth Behind The Dash for Gas 60mins

List of  campaign groups on BIFF!

Youtube: Voices From The Gasfields

Refracktion: Another good info site

38 Degrees Short Video on Fracking 5 mins

Fracking Hell: Britains Gas Rush  Link TV 12 mins

UK farmer: Beware permitting fracking

Fracking could knock 7% off house prices

YouTube: Gasland Trailer 3mins

Talk Fracking Video: Myth Busting 5 mins

20 impacts of Shale gas (from Frack Off website

The Sky is Pink: John Fox follow up documentary on fracking and the media

Habitats Regulations Assesment 14th Round: Contains PEDL maps

Drill or Drop: The best site for fracking news

Cuadrillas plans mean almost every metre of the Fylde gets fracked : visual



Fracking WILL NOT LOWER GAS BILLS says Lord Browne of Cuadrilla fame

New head of Environment Agency has fracking links

Zero Carbon Britain: Centre for Alternative Technology. It IS possible!